Monday, 8 February 2010


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We are here for a reason.

Lets have your say for it!

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  1. This blog exists to support UNISON members at Notting Hill Housing Trust who are now balloting on strike action.

    This has come about following attacks on terms and conditions of employment and the unwillingness of management to negotiate meaningfully.

    Reductions to carers' leave and an end to flexi-time will have a disproportionate effect on female staff with caring responsibilities. Reductions in salary protection and relocation allowances are cynically timed ahead of likely staff re-organisation and office moves.

    Management has not been prepared to consider alternative proposals and would not engage with ACAS. There is no pressing financial need to make these cuts - NHHT is financially healthy. Macho management is to blame.

    The ballot papers are out now - your vote counts. Vote yes to protect your rights at work.

    What happens at NHHT today will catch on in other workplaces. Members at NHHT have the support of the Housing Associations Branch and the regional team in their current struggle.

    Fight the good fight!

    Mary Powell
    Branch Secretary